Fibre Optic Network Installation

Full installation, commissioning and maintenance services on fibre optic cable, commissioning is conducted according to internationally accepted standards, cables are professionally blown into ducts according to industry accepted practices.


Tower Construction & base station Installation

A well-expert and certified staff of riggers and site engineers is delivering rigging services for telecommunication towers. Towers and masts can be fully served from civil, mechanical and electrical aspects via our expert teams and equipment.


Power and Backup Systems Installation

Our backup power systems ensure the mission-critical operations you oversee keep running, even in the face of disasters. Our team delivers the alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) power systems that you need for network and critical infrastructure to stay online for short or extended outages.


Overhead Cable Installation (ADSS)

We install overhead All-Dielectric-Self-Supporting fibre optic cables. This includes planning, route planning and pole hardware. We use industry standards to ensure the correct installation and tension is achieved.


Trenching and Ductlaying

As the first step to laying optical fibre and copper cabling we provide trenching and duct laying services in all terrain conditions including slopping, rocky and confined sites. We  also do construction of manholes, road and rail crossings.


Server Installation

We design, procure, and build data centres that meet our client’s requirements. We provide secure turnkey data centre solutions to corporates and ISPs.


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