Fibrer Optic Network Design ​

Baseconnect employs a comprehensive design process which includes determining the type of communication systems which will be transferred over the network, the geographic layout (premises, campus, outside plant (OSP, etc.), the transmission equipment required, the fiber network over which it will operate and how it will interface to other networks which may be connected over copper cabling and wireless. We also look into requirements for permits, easements, permissions and inspections.

Once all the groundwork has been done we get to consider actual component selection, placement, installation practices, testing, troubleshooting and network equipment installation and startup. Finally, we consider documentation, maintenance and planning for service restoration in event of a future outage. From our design the client will be able to accurately get the scope and cost of the project


ERP Solutions

Baseconnect provides the best business process management software like 

  • ERP Next 
  • Microsoft Navision 
  • SAP

These are advanced ERP solutions that allow you to manage your business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.


Network Audits

Baseconnect experts analyze, study and gather data about a network with the purpose of ascertaining its health in accordance with the  network/organization requirements. This includes checking Security, Implementation of control, Availability, Management and Performance

Server Room Design

Datacenters/ servers are at the heart of all connected businesses. Our server room designs ensure efficiency and consistency, with all equipment running at optimum levels with as little downtime as possible. We make sure our designs provide room for ventilation and servers, adequate cooling and onsite backup power.


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