Get Your Home Connected

Baseconnect provides you our clients with the best Broadband Internet connectivity options no matter where you live. From Fibre to Wimax , we design, install and source everything for your convenience. We have your connectivity needs covered.


Fibre To The Home

Get the fastest internet with a fibre optic connection to your home. Work and play at unprecedented speeds

Wimax and LTE installation

Get your home connected with Wimax and LTE. We provide our clients with connectivity options from major ISPs that suite their location and budget

LAN setup configuring and support

Get all your devices and computers in all rooms connected with high speed Ethernet LAN networks.


Get good Wireless connections in all rooms and even external areas around your home with our Wireless Access Points, Routers, Range Extenders and Wireless VoIP services

Get Your Home Secured

Secure your home with smart connected security solutions by Baseconnect. From perimeter and Intrusion detection to monitoring and surveillance of your property Baseconnect has a multitude of custom options for you.

Home security, Surveillance and Intrusion detection

Baseconnect helps clients secure locations with smart and modern PIDS. This includes Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, CCTV, Motion Detectors, Integrated alarm systems with door and window sensors. Our teams will assess and recommend the most secure and cost effective way to maintain perimeter security and monitor. Our Systems maintain a high probability of detection (POD) to intrusions while minimizing alarms due to nuisance events, in particular, those caused by wind, rain, traffic or other nuisance activities

 Baseconnect, is a full-service company. We professionally install, service, and maintain everything we sell. We provide various Surveillance and remote monitoring solutions which means that our solutions can fit any size application or budget for a professionally installed system. Our many of clients recognize that we are passionate about providing the highest quality systems


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